2017 Tech Conference


    HVAC Fundamentals Track

    Pumping System Fundamentals n/a Download
    Overview of ASHRAE Standard 90.1 920012766 Download
    Altitude Effects on System Design n/a  Download
    Psychometrics n/a Download 
    Fan Fundamentals n/a Download


    HVAC&R Systems & Applications TRACK

    CourseGBCI #Powerpoint
    Acoustical Design and Space Planning for Sound-Sensitive Spaces 920012767    
    Radiant Cooling and Heating Forum - High Mass and Low Mass approaches 920012768    
    Did Underfloor Air Distribution Die? Will it Live Again?  920012770    
    Indoor Air Quality, Air Cleaning, Energy and Maintenance 920012769    
    Customized DX Soluations None  


    Sustainability Track

    CourseGBCI #Powerpoint
    People-Centric Engineering and the WELL Building Standard 920012771 Download
    Optimizing Laboratory Controls through Fault Detection and Diagnostics Software 920012772 Download
    CSU New Chemistry Building - Making a Fume Hood Intense Building Sustainable 920012773 Download
    RMI's Net Zero Energy Innovation Center - A Case Study in Energy Efficiency and Integrated Design 920012774 Download
    90.1 Appendix G Updates and Fort Collins Utility Case Study (0.5 hr) 920012775

    Download (1 of 2)

    Download (2 of 2)

    Sustainable Communities: Modeling, Energy, Water, and Waste at Scale (0.5 hr) 920012776 Download

    Building Automation Track

    DDC Basics n/a  
    IECC 2015 Code Impact on Controls 920012777  
    DDC Project Pre-Start Panel n/a  
    Internet of Things n/a  
    Integrated Low Voltage Systems from a GC's Perspective n/a  

    Critical Environments Track

    CourseGBCI #Powerpoint
    Chilled Beams in Healthcare 920012778 Download
    Case Study: Cleanroom Design - Microelectronics Facility 920012779 Download
    ASHRAE Std 188 Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems 920012780 Download
    Modular Cleanroom Construction/Certification Considerations n/a Download
    Marijuana Facilities - Codes and Standards n/a Download


    CourseGBCI #Powerpoint Slides
    Climate Disruption in the US: Fifty Shades of Climate Change (lunch) (1.5 hrs) 920012781  
    Intelligent Buildings - Technology is changing what is possible in the built environment (happy hour) (1.5 hrs) 920012782  



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