Member Group

    Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC)

    To empower membership to lead our community in matters pertaining to Technical, Energy and Government Affairs.


    • Enroll person to “sub chair” newly established “Chapter Handbook,Guidelines and Standards Review Committee”.
    • Sub committee focus is to promote and organize chapter involvement in the review of handbooks, standards and guidelines.
    • Review 3 standards and one handbook chapter by June 30, 2008.
    • Have 6 Technology Award entries submitted into the local chapter competition.
    • Have 6 Technology Award entries submitted into the regional chapter competition.
    • Submit chapter government activities award.
    • Establish Technology Transfer library for display at monthly meetings.

    Contact: cttc

    Research Promotions Committee

    ASHRAE research is known through out the world for its competent, results finding research projects. We will assist ASHRAE research through financial support generated in the local Rocky Mountain Chapter region.


    • Raise $35,000 locally for ASHRAE research.
    • Maintain “High Five” national ranking.
    • Successful Technical Conference event.
    • Reserach Promotion at various special events.
    • Successful Calling Campaign

    Contact: resource

    Student Activities Committee

    Promote education activities at K-12 and local Universities. Use national ASHRAE resourses as needed to assist. Promote student design competition, scholarships, grant in aid, and industry internships.


    • Make CU Boulder an Active Student Chapter
    • Increase K-12 Involvement
    • Visit All Student Branches
    • Visit CM Program at CSU

    Contact: student

    Membership Committee

    Promote active membership in the Rocky Mountain Region.


    • Increase Membership By 50 Members in 2007
    • Increase Meeting Attendance Of Enrolled Members
    • Distribute Membership Forms VIA Chapter Website

    Contact: membership

    Sustainable Engineering Committee

    To be the sustainable design experts for our industry in the field of engineering.


    • To advocate sustainable design, construction and operation to our members, the industry and our community through advocacy group meetings and educational seminars.
    • To promote sustainable practices at all ASHRAE events and sponsored activities.

    Sustainable Engineering Chair: Celeste Cizik, Eaton
    Sustainable Engineering Vice Chair: Brian Lynch, Western Mechanical Solutions
    Social Opportunities Officer: Mike Kaufman, Ambient Energy
    Government, Advocacy, and Education: Celeste Cizik, Eaton

    Contact: sustainable

    History Committee

    Preserve the historic documents of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of ASHRAE in a permanent media accessable to all chapter members.


    • Assemble All Past President’s Biographies
    • Convert Historic Documents Into Accessable Electronic Files
    • Post Chapter History Synopsis on Website
    Programs Committee

    Provide informative and interesting programs to encourage chapter members and student members to attend monthly meetings.


    • Work with Program Committee and TEGA to develop meetings.
    • Organize two field trips in the 2007-2008 year.
    • Work with other local organizations to develop joint meetings.
    • Focus meeting presentations on industry “Hot Topics”.
    Northern Section

    To serve the ASHRAE members in the Fort Collins area.

    Michael Fulton

    Next Meeting is in Denver on December 7th for lunch.

    Please RSVP to Mike Fulton for NORTHERN Section meeting:  mfulton

    Technical Conference Committee

    Responsible for organizing and operating the Annual Rocky Mountain Chapter technical Conference

    Jon Rundquist and Adam Bishop

    Free Conference registration, click below to find out how.
    Three Session Chairs Needed for 2012 ASHRAE Winter Conference, Chicago

    Denver Rescue Mission Committee

    The Lawrence Street Shelter is the Denver Rescue Mission's central outreach location. Tens of thousands of poor and needy people come to this facility each year for shelter, food, clothing, medical care, client services, and chapel services.

    We propose to perform a Technical Energy Audit to identify Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) with moderate to high savings potential and possible capital-intensive projects. The audit requires detailed field data gathering, system investigation, and rigorous engineering analysis. It provides detailed project cost and savings calculations with a high level of confidence sufficient for investment decisions. This information will then be used to select items for implementation as part of the ASHRAE 2013 Sustainability Project.

    Rocky Mountain Energy Simulation Engineers


    This group was started in June 2012 to accommodate the growing community of energy modelers in the Rocky Mountain region. Meetings are tentatively planned for every other month, with informal happy hours during in between months. Meetings will be advertised and managed through the Meetings tab.

    Contact Jessie Jones to get on the e-mail list.

    Contact Jesse Stanley to suggest presentation ideas or volunteer to present.

    Check out our LinkedIn group (Thanks to Sean Beilman)



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