How To Join ASHRAE


    Joining ASHRAE Online is Easy!



    • To join ASHRAE you must become a member at the National Level before joining the local Rocky Mountain    Chapter.

    • Click on the link below to go to the National website's "Join Now" page.

    During the process of joining the National Website you will have the option to also join the Rocky Mountain Chapter. By doing this through the national website your information will automatically be passed from the National level to the local level and you will be set up as a member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter.

    If you do not wish to join the local chapter at the same time as the National Chapter you must contact the local membership committee to setup a login and separate method of payment.

    • If you have any trouble joining you can contact the National Membership Committee at: [email protected], or call 800-5-ASHRAE (800-527-4723). Or you can contact the Rocky Mountain Chapter Membership Committee: [email protected]


    Click here to become a member of the National ASHRAE Chapter!





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